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1. I would like to volunteer for PMI SOC, however I don’t see any VRMS positions that I am interested in at this time.
Answer: There are always opportunities for volunteers that come up.  If there is nothing available, you can still register your interest through the ‘Get Involved/ Volunteer at PMI SOC’ page at  for future consideration.  Your name will be forwarded to the portfolio director should a role matching your skills and interests becomes available.  If your skills are in demand, the director of the portfolio will create a role and you will be able to formally apply through VRMS.  Additionally, you can check our Calendar of Events and come meet the Directors at various meetings the chapter is organizing.

2. I applied for a volunteer role through VRMS and its status shows as ‘In Progress.’  When will I know if I got it or not?

Answer: Roles in VRMS are open for a certain period of time, most typically for 2 weeks, to allow interested volunteers to apply.  Once the application period has elapsed, all candidate applications are forwarded by the VRMS Coordinator to the portfolio director who initially requested the role.  From this point onwards, the director will be reviewing the applicants and scheduling time for interviews.  There is not a defined period of time it takes to hear back and usually depends on the role and the number of volunteers who have expressed interest.  Normally the expectation is that the role is filled within 1-2 months after the application process has closed, but it also depends on the urgency to fill the role.  Once all suitable candidates have been interviewed and selections made, the Director will forward the results to the VRMS coordinator who will either extend offers or notify candidates otherwise.  VRMS will show the application status as ‘In Progress’ until the final offers are made.

3. How long after I applied for a role does it take to hear back?

Answer: Applications received for volunteer roles normally take 1-2 months to fill on average because of the volume of applications received, coordinating the scheduling of interviews and directors time.  During this process, the status of your application in VRMS will show as ‘In Progress.”
4. I don’t feel that I qualify for one of the VRMS roles but I am interested in volunteering, what should I do?

Answer: The best way to get into a volunteer role is to keep checking VRMS, applying for roles that match your interests and skills and coming out to Chapter events to meet other volunteers and the directors.  The chapter has a rather large mandate for its membership and roles are posted on an ongoing basis.
5. I filled out the form on the Get Involved page. When will I be contacted?

Answer: All candidate information which is submitted through the ‘Get Involved’ page on our Volunteer at PMI SOC page: is periodically forwarded to the appropriate directors (based on their requirements).  The Director will contact you to further discuss your interest if they are requiring that particular skill set.  If there is a match, the Director will create a role and post it in VRMS, at which point you should apply.
6. If there are no roles available, why do I submit an interests/skills form?

Answer: There are occasions where sometimes, Directors need a unique skill set and it is difficult to find an exact match.  If they discover that there are interested volunteers displaying the skill sets they are seeking, the Director will create the role at that time and ask the VRMS Coordinator to fast track the recruitment.  On some occasions, if the Director creates the role first, they may receive applications from candidates that match most of the requirements but not that unique skill.  This ends up being a very time consuming process for the Directors that does not always yield the desired result.  Directors are volunteers too and they spend a lot of hours volunteering for the chapter.

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